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Rhinatint - Universal Stainer
Universal Stainer
Description  :
          Rhinatint are manufactured to rigid specifications such as colour shade, colour strength and rheology. This guarantees both excellent colour accuracy and colour reproducibility.
          Rhinatint are carefully formulated to provide trouble free use. The pigments are fully dispersed maximum Tinting strength & full chroma. Due to the unique dispersion technique used by Radiant Chemicals optimum color development is obtained from each pigment employed. This results in maximum Tintorial strength, maximum transparency. This ensures complete deagglomeration resulting in no shade change & strength change.
          Rhinatint are glycol based binder free pigment concentrate having both Non-lonic & Anionic wetting agent & Dispersing agent in optimum dosage.
Compatibility  :
          Each dispersion is designed for maximum compatibility with coatings based on a wide variety of vehicle systems. Together they offer virtually unlimited color matching compatibility in most low VOC & conventional water based & solvent based coatings.

Rhinatint are compatible with Paint system based on :
  • [|] PVA Emulsion
  • [|] Acrylic Emulsion
  • [|] Styrene Acrylic Emulsion
  • [|] Modified Alkyd Emulsion
  • [|] Water Based Semi Gloss & Gloss Finishes
  • [|] Alkyd Enamel

Stability :
          All Pigment dispersions are stabilized by additional surfactant and have negative effect on the paint film properties.Excellent Long Term Viscosity & very stable over a wide Temperature range.
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