Tinting Pastes for Water Borne Systems
Product Description

Rhinapaste are high stength aqueous pigment dispersions (organic and inorganic) for in plant tinting of water based paint and coatings. Easy to disperse and provide excellent reproducibility.
The rheological profile of the preparations allows exact dosing in automatic and manual dispensers as well as easy incorporation into the base paints. They show an excellent stability to settling and skinning.
All Rhinapaste preparations are miscible in all proportions with each other.

RHINAPASTE contains series of high performance pigments which are used for exterior applications & bright tone pigments used for interior applications.

Key Features
  • High Tinting Strength
  • Long Term Stability
  • Easily Dispersed due to efficient Grinding Technology
  • Cost Effective Solution for Tinting
  • Easily Pourable and Pumpable

Suitable for use with interior and exterior such as :

  • PVA Emulsions
  • Acrylic Emulsions
  • Styrene Acrylic Emulsions
  • P.U.Dispersions [water based]
  • Water-based Industrial coatings

Color Strength : – 100 ± 5%
Color Variation : – dE < 1